After more than 25 years of searching for the truth, he took a leap in faith in the faithless and joined Throop (pron: troop) U.U. Church in Pasadena Ca. Sick and tired of the direction Christianity took, Tim decided to become an atheist, eventually finding the U.U. denomination and was surprised how the UUA encouraged People of Color to make a difference in the churches.

Tim was born and raised in a Japanese American protestant church, then after leaving the faith, dedicated his life to civil rights, starting off as a student activist, then graduating to community-based groups. Tim has a Bachelor in business and is getting a Masters in Business and is applying his knowledge and skills in his activism work.

Tim on his spare time enjoys listening to the band Rush, and was inspired to go the direction he is currently going. Unlike most fans who are inspired to pick up the guitar, drums or even sing, Tim approached the band’s lyrics as a guide to his activism endeavors and has not stopped fighting for justice, equality, equity, peace and love.